Reunion at Long Creek School

Long Creek School

Jensen-Jespersen Family reunion participants at Long Creek School.

Jensen-Jespersen Family reunion participants gathered for a group photo at Long Creek School east of P 32 on Saturday, June 18. Three generations of Jensen and Jespersen children attended the one room country school from 1884 until it closed in 1968.  The family members  are descendents of Nels and Bergitte (Jensen) Jespersen and Bergitte’s brother Nels Gorm and Marie Jensen.   Both families homesteaded on farms adjacent to each other, south of Blair, in 1884 and 1890 respectively.
Those attending the school “gathering” this year on June 18th were: Darwin and Carole Jespersen, Omaha; Jean Jaspersen-Naegele, Bavaria, Germany; Bei Tong and Mark Weiland, CT; Joy Morgan, TX; Donna Henton and Janice Jensen, Blair; Rose Jaspersen, Oakland, NE; Judy Robertson, Columbus; Susan and John Jacobson, MD; Sandy and Larry Hansen, Fremont; Jackie and Tyler Ross WI; Diana Storovich, Omaha; Bonnie Wendt and Kathy Oftedahl, MN; Carol Wiles, Murdock; Chris Weiland CT; Jerry Jaspersen, Oakland; Jack Eager, Ashland; Guy Weiland, CT; Jean Darveau, CO; Raymon Jensen, Blair; Sonja and Scott Darveau, Kearney; Corben Andow, MN; Bryson Darveau, Alliance; Kaitlynn Darveau, Omaha; Deanna and Jim Darveau, Alliance; Kelly Andow, MN; Zoya, Kim and Mo Emami, CO; Jaidyn and Ann Hardy, IA; Ryan, Madyson and Denise Ray, Blair; McKenna and Jillian Mason, WI; Taj and Joa Emami, CO; Ian Hardy, IA; Audrey Jaspersen, IA; Roelf Benjamin (RB) Weiland,CT.
Long Creek School

Old fashioned slide in the foreground and Long Creek country school in the background

Long Creek School

Long Creek School photo thumb tacked on bulletin board.

Long Creek School

Inscribed plaque near school entrance.

Long Creek School

Children’s slide viewed through school window.

Long Creek School

School desks and school books in Long Creek School classroom.

Long Creek School

Out house or “privey” behind Long Creek School

Long Creek School

Long Creek School old pictures and mementos.

Long Creek School

Long Creek School school photos against blackboard.


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